Thank You, Louisiana

In other parts of the Country, even the World, "Cajun" means alligators and crawfish, pirogues and bayous, "mais" and "cher". To us it means family and the importance of being there for them, blood or not. 

We are a united front in this incredibly devastating time. Don's Specialty Meats has called South Louisiana home for 23 years. In these years, we have seen ups and downs, from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to the launch of our beloved Scott Boudin Festival and now the worst flooding in Louisiana's storied history. 

There have been changes abound. There are a few constants, however. Our rich heritage, our delicious food, and our selfless people. We are proud to be part of the fabric of this State and more importantly, this community. It is in times of great distress that a people show their true colors - the people of Acadiana are no different. We've come together in historic, unrivaled fashion. Our passion for each other exceeded only by the resolve we hold within ourselves. 

Our ancestors, exiled from French Acadia, are the backbone of our strength and our desire to help our fellow man. For generations, the Cajun people have exhibited to the WORLD what it means to "love thy neighbor". These trying times and how we've responded are a testament to you, Acadiana. 

We love our home unconditionally. We love our people unconditionally. May God bless each and every one of you. 


The Don's Specialty Meats Family