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Savor the Cajun Tradition

Since 1993, Don’s Specialty Meats locations in Carencro & Scott, LA have been making the same great homemade boudin, voted “best” 9 years, and cracklins that are ubiquitously known as South Louisiana’s best! From boudin and cracklins to plate lunches and specialty meats, the great quality and spicy Cajun flavor remain consistent.

The deli menu is not to be ignored. Homemade hamburgers, po-boys, pistollettes and stuffed bread also please the palates of our loyal fans around the globe.

Don’s History

Carencro Location

In 1992, two Louisiana locals, Mark Cole and Don Menard, teamed up to create something special in Carencro—Don’s Specialty Meats. Mark handled the business side while Don worked his magic with meat, especially our beloved boudin. Even after Don moved on, Mark kept the flame alive, continuing the tradition of crafting exceptional meats.

Scott Location

Inspired by their success, Mark expanded the Don’s Specialty Meats family to Scott in 2005. Here, we start our day before sunrise, churning out 1,500 pounds of boudin daily. As the sun rises, so does the irresistible aroma of sizzling hot links, drawing in hungry travelers from the nearby interstate. By 6 a.m., we’re open and ready to share our Cajun delights with the world.

Don’s Specialty Meats

For over two decades, Don’s Specialty Meats has been a beacon of authenticity in Carencro and Scott, Louisiana. Our commitment to crafting exceptional homemade boudin and cracklins has garnered praise, earning us the title of “best” for nine consecutive years. From our signature boudin to mouthwatering plate lunches and specialty meats, every bite is a celebration of Cajun heritage and bold flavors.

Indulge your taste buds further with our enticing deli menu, boasting homemade hamburgers, po-boys, pistolets, and stuffed bread that consistently delight our loyal patrons worldwide. At Don’s Specialty Meats, culinary excellence is not just a tradition—it’s a way of life.


Boudin—a word that resonates with the rhythm of Louisiana’s vibrant culture, a culinary masterpiece that tells the story of resilience and innovation. Pronounced with the distinctive Cajun flair that cannot be replicated, boudin embodies the spirit of a people whose roots run deep in the fertile soil of Acadiana.

Our journey traces back to the early settlers who transformed humble ingredients into culinary delights, utilizing every part of the hog to create boudin—a savory blend of pork, herbs, and spices encased in a delicate pork intestine. Evolving over centuries, boudin has become the cornerstone of Cajun cuisine, inspiring a myriad of delectable creations—from boudin balls to boudin-stuffed king cake.

At Don’s Specialty Meats, we proudly carry on this rich tradition, serving as ambassadors of Acadiana’s culinary heritage to enthusiasts worldwide. With each bite of boudin, we invite you to experience the warmth of Cajun hospitality and the unparalleled flavor of Louisiana’s finest offerings.